In his native Brazil Cyriaco Lopes work appeared at the National Museum of Fine Arts, The Museums of Modern Art in Rio and Salvador and the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP). In the U.S., his work has been seen at The Contemporary Art Museums in Baltimore and Saint Louis, at El Museo and at Apexart in NYC and also in art institutions in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Chile, Portugal.  Since 2009 it was seen in Guent, Nantes, Belfast, Florianópolis, Reykjavik and Genoa. His work has been curated by such artists as Lygia Pape, Janine Antoni, and Luciano Fabro, as well as by art critics such as Paulo Herkenhoff.

Lopes won Stetson University Hand Award for Faculty Achievement (2007), The Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis Project Award (2003), the World Studio Foundation Award (2001), the Phillips Prize of trip to Europe (1997).

The artist holds two MFAs: one in Imaging and Digital Arts, UMBC, Baltimore(2002), and the other in Visual Languages, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (1999). He also attended artist’s residencies such as Skowhegan (2002), Parque Lage (1995) and the London Project (1994).

He is a professor at John Jay College/CUNY in NYC.