here & now (01.11.2017)

cyriaco lopes & terri witek & rusty witek

we photographed book pages that matched the current date in and around the library of the atlantic center for the arts. we each picked one page number in 10 books: pages 1 for january, pages 11 for the day, pages 17 for the year. we did not know what books each picked. the resulting triptychs, which are arranged in the u.s. fashion of month-day-year, are the result of chance and choice.
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here & now

we look for the pages in books corresponding with the present date (i.e. page 16 for the 16th of the month) and photograph them with an ipad. one book for the month, one for the day, one for the year. then in turn we photograph those images in the same day. a negotiation between chance and choice, present, past and future.

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