Cyriaco Lopes & Terri Witek at the Crisp Ellert Art Museum.  Curated by Julie Dickover

One Room: architectural photo installation made of a labyrinth of about 50 images of waters printed in fabric + sound (2 channels: Witek's Gavdos Ferry - video to the side -  and passages from st augustine - video bellow). The waters were from the sea of Marmara in Istanbul, the Guanabara bay in Rio, the Hudson river in NYC, a lake in Berlin, New Smyrna Beach in FL, the Thames in London, the Tagus in Lisbon, Lake Erie in OH, the Seine in Paris,  etc.

Another room: a juxtaposition of the waters of the new world (Brazil, the United States) and of Europe (Portugal, England), bringing those opposite margins together. Photos of the American waters are printed on large fabrics that are then performatively held in front of the European waters, bringing together both sides of the Atlantic. They are a metaphor for the distance that separate us but also for what unite us, for what we have in common. The harsh memory of colonialism is also a deep familial bond.