Everything we love is about to die, and that is why everything must be summed up, with all the high emotion of farewell, in something so beautiful we shall never forget it. --- Michel Leiris  



August 2014 - ongoing


1) Video compilations of photographs of vessels taken in museums. (see videos below)

2) Each image is named after a Facebook friend and posted on FB on their birthday. FB as vessel, venue and calendar.

3) Link to the Facebook collection






 january 2015, october 2014 (click here for more videos)


Images are also collected in books, one for each month:















Facebook as a site for longing.

The images interrupt the busy flux and noise of timelines for an instant of silence: mysterious, introspective still-lives of vessels in museum collections. each specifically named.

I name each after a friend on Facebook on their birthday (and post the image on their Timeline). They become a calendar of times past, of love.  this naming strategy is a funnel for the thousands of images in my archive, dripping each day, one day gained, another lost. 

Vessels are a basic need.  Every culture in every age develops those utensils and inscribes into them their worldviews.  That is why they are used to date archeological sites.  Fossils of their former utilitarian lives, they are the black boxes of society.

This series documents them through museums around the world.  There are the very old ones (pre-historic even), the everyday ones, the ritual ones, the ornate and the purely functional.  They are chosen for their idiosyncrasies, for their visual presence, for their capacity to hold a universe in their self-absorption.  More often than not in their original contexts, the busy shelves of museums, they are hidden in plain sight, invisible in the palaces of looking.  Isolated though, they sing.



vessels, 2014-ongoing