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Missed Connections, 2015 - ongoing

Missed Connections is composed of 1) texts taken from Craigslist Missed Connections section (Man for Man), 2) Google Maps images of the places mentioned in the texts, and 3) my own images of the places where those people met and then lost each other.  

This series is a meditation on the way in which our physical and digital experiences are imbricated. They are mashed into a continuum dictated by fantasy but grounded by places that we passed by, by people that we glanced at.  Does the Digital World belong to the realm of public space or that of private space?  Or is it is rather a limbo, a public arena for intimate expression?

I visit those haunted spaces and photograph details, little nothings, which in their physicality connect me with these stories of brief encounters - sometimes just a look that lingered an instant more than the usual – and regret.  The digital world is yet another layer for the stories we compose every day, made of fantasies, desire, longing, narcissism, and loneliness.   Each post on Missed Connections is a bottle to the sea, an urgent message taken by the currents of a vast, immeasurable ocean.