Big Bronze Statues - AIOP, NYC, 2009




Big Bronze Statues.

A project by Cyriaco Lopes with the collaboration of poet Terri Witek, part of Art in Odd Places, NYC, October 2009, which was curated by Erin Donnelly and Radhika Subramaniam

If you find a forgotten letter, take it. It is yours. It was written for you.

Love letters left at inconspicuous places. The community is free to open, read, and take them home. Otherwise they will just perish with the elements (ephemeral, almost mythology).

Each love letter is signed by a famous historical or fictional queer person. Some are actual quotations (Michelangelo, Sappho, Shakespeare), others are imagined (Alexander the Great, Alice Toklas, Socrates). Some contain drawings, photographs, and some are written by poet Terri Witek.

An anachronistic way of communication to voice repressed history and longing: a monument, a memorial, a gift, a bridge between the anonymity of the urban experience and the intimacy of a love letter.



Mention in Book - text by Radhika Subramaniam