Olhar Museu [Gaze as Museum] brochure

Added on by cyriaco lopes.

o   Olhar Museu Isolates details to magnify or produce meaning. 

o   Olhar Museu performs an archeology of the surface into the unconscious speeches of things (the gaze sculpts meaning into the matter of life).

Operations of the Olhar Museu:

To historicize,

To witness,

To take inventory,

To invent,

To curate,

To image desire and longing,

To read in between the lines,

To read the fine print,

To linger on,

To remember,

To accumulate the sparse and make it weighty.

To enlist,

To take issue.

Strategies of the Olhar Museu:

To frame,

To cut,

To direct attention,

To blow up (To Antonioni),

To make the background into foreground,

To change visual hierarchy,

To make private gaze public.